Spatial Data Management
Gemeente Waalwijk,
Iban Damen
”It was great to experience how efficient we are able to deliver cable and pipeline data to the Cadastre in accordance with the Dutch WIBON regulations. The big advantage of GeolinQ is that all data is centrally managed; we use the platform to manage all geo-data. This makes the management of geo-data much more efficient.”

What was the challenge?

In accordance with the Dutch WIBON regulations the owners of cable and pipeline networks must provide the data to the Dutch Cadastre. Also owners of cable and pipeline networks must monitor contractors when excavation work takes place near the network.

What was the approach?

By transforming the cable and pipeline data in GeolinQ in accordance with the WIBON and delivering the results to the Dutch Cadastre. In addition the municipality uses GeolinQ to retrieve automatically KLIC data from the Dutch Cadastre. The KLIC data, with information of scheduled work of contractors near the network, is visualized in a map.

What was the outcome?

Comply efficiently with the WIBON regulations. As GeolinQ was already in use no additional investments were required.