Spatial Data Management
Edwin Auer
“With GeolinQ an innovative solution is delivered to calculate and make natural values scores available for Rijkswaterstaat. This provides more insight into the presence of protected animal and plant species.”

What was the challenge?

Calculate nature value scores and make the scores available by using observations that are available in the Dutch National Database Flora and Fauna (NDFF).

What was the approach?

Every quarter a data delivery from NDFF is received. The millions of observations in this database are automatically converted by GeolinQ into a score per species in 50x50m areas. Then automatically the nature value score per area is calculated.

What was the outcome?

The calculated natural value scores are available with a GIS service so that we can easily view them with Geoweb and other GIS viewers. The users are very satisfied with this innovative solution. In 2021, this solution won the Rijkswaterstaat Golden Mud Creeper, an award for projects in which nature and ecology play an important role.